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Industry Standard • Consistency • Maximize Shelf Life

Why you should pelletize your hops

Hop pellets are more attractive to brewers due to the longer shelf life, consistency, and ease of cleanup vs whole cone and wet. Because of their attractiveness and potency, pellets command a much high market price than whole cone and wet hops.

In our USDA food safe certified facility, we offer a suite of services from pelletizing to packaging. By processing your hops with Lion Bines, you are able to provide a consistent, higher quality end product that will be sought after in your local market.

Check out our offerings and see if processing is right for you and your farm!

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What We Do




benefits of hammer milling

Hops are ground into a coarse powder before being pelletized. Hammer milled hops create a more consistent pellet in terms of density and flavor composition when compared to whole cone hops that are pelletized without milling. The higher density leaves less space for oxygen to enter the hops which will prolong shelf life.




USDA food safe certified

The milled hops are run through the pelletizer to produce industry standard T90 pellets with superior density and consistency. 

specialized equipment

Our equipment is designed specifically to keep pelletizing temperatures low through the process to preserve the precious hop oils and aromas that can be lost or damaged at high heat.




packaging options

The newly pelletized hops are packaged in opaque mylar bags with different sizing options.


standard sizing**

Our standard sizing is as follows:

  • 1 oz.

  • 5 lbs.

  • 11 lbs. 


**Custom sizing available upon request





maximize your shelf life

Once pellets are packaged, the mylar bags are vacuum sealed for maximum freshness.

nitrogen purge

All vacuum sealed hops go through a nitrogen purge to expel any residual oxygen to ensure optimal shelf life. 

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75 - 200 pounds  - $1.75/lb

201 - 500 pounds - $1.68/lb

501+ pounds - $1.60/lb



1 oz bags - $0.10/bag

5 lbs. bags - $1.00/bag

11 lbs. bags - $1.15/bag



  1. Minimum order accepted - 75 lbs. per variety

  2. All hops must be dried to 7-8% moisture content. No hops will be accepted with higher moisture.

  3. 20% deposit required to reserve time slot for processing.

Pellets vs. Whole Cone

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Superior Shelf Life & Small Storage Footprint

Pelletized hops, when stored properly, can stay fresh for up to 2 years before losing potency and aroma. Compare that to whole cone hops which last only 6 months to a year before losing freshness and potency. 

On top of better shelf life, pelletized hops are far easier to store due to their dense, efficient sizing. Whole cone hops take up a ton of space which is always at a premium at a farm or a brewery.


Higher Demand

Brewers prefer pellets over whole cone and will be more willing to buy from a local hop farm who offers pellets as they are a more predictable and complete finished product. 


Alpha acid and oil levels can be tested on pellets to show farmers and brewers exactly what they are working with. With higher demand and higher quality, comes a higher price as pellets sell for substantially higher then whole cone hops. 


Higher Potency & Easy Clean Up

Pellets have a higher potency per ounce and an easier clean up on brew day and all of the unnecessary plant matter has been shed during processing. This saves time and energy on brew day and allows for a lighter clean up.

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